Polo tour in Buenos Aires

Immerse yourself in the prestigious world of polo

The essence of the Polo tour

Perfect for equine or cultural enthusiasts, this exclusive adventure is the ideal introduction to one of Argentina’s most beloved sports, polo. The stately game is widely acknowledged as the world’s most exclusive sport and is played professionally in 16 countries across the globe. The rich history of the sport is steeped in European influence, where British settlers, based in the Argentine pampas introduced the game to South America by practicing in their free time entrenching a love of the sport into the hearts of the Argentinian people.

The half day tour begins with a brief introductory talk about the rules of the refined game, the intense selection processes horses and their human counterparts must pass in order to qualify for the sport, various training techniques and routines employed, and grooming performances and methods that keep the horses healthy and content. Sample the mouth-watering local fare of empanadas, paired with excellent Argentine wines, as you take in the fascinating and thought provoking lecture.

Next, head out to experience the thrill of a professional match, eagerly cheering on both the human and equine players, and participating during halftime by stomping the divots torn up during play. This polo tradition not only delights spectators but ensures the safety of players and their mounts, and perfectly illustrates the honour entrenched in the game. Tour the large stables and observe the daily happenings at the polo ranch, and the thrilling task of switching ponies in rapid succession to keep the game in play.


Only available as part of a planned itinerary

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