Deep sea fishing the Seychelles

Cast into bountiful waters in Seychelles

The essence of deep sea fishing

There is a salt breeze coming off the sea as the familiar whirr of the line spikes your adrenaline and you nab the first catch of the day in your deep sea fishing adventure. One of these most idyllic settings for deep sea, spinner and fly fishing, the waters surrounding the Seychelles are renowned for offering an amazing variety of fish. Battle the sport fish of the deep on a half or full-day excursion and bring your catch home for a mouth-watering seafood meal. Venture into shallow waters with your fly rod in hand and test your skill at catching a milkfish.

In this tropical paradise fishing can be enjoyed throughout the year, however there are distinct seasons that are more suited to a specific type of fishing. Deep sea fishing for the big game species happens year-round, whereas bottom-fishing and fly-fishing are best in the between November and May.

With an abundance of incredibly diverse environments, all of which offer stunning conditions, the Seychelles offer the opportunity to catch a wide variety of fish, providing both the versatile as well as the specialised angler with a thrilling experience. Fishing is a way of life in the spectacular Seychelles, as well as being a great tourist attraction.

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