Scuba dive on the Quirimbas Islands

Explore a magical world beneath the Indian Ocean waves

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Home to one of the healthiest coral reef systems in the world, the waters of the Quirimbas Archipelago offer the ideal holiday destination for divers of all abilities. A combination of wild underwater landscapes, the bounty of tropical ocean currents, and an abundance of aquatic life, makes &Beyond Vamizi Island a truly world-class diving destination.  Invitingly warm water and exceptional visibility throughout the year, the Quirimbas are also relatively untouched thanks to their isolated location. Tropical ocean currents attract a variety of marine life, from large game species to colourful reef inhabitants. Research has shown that the reefs around &Beyond Vamizi Island are a breeding area for both fish and corals and are home to a mass spawning of coral that has not been witnessed anywhere else off the African coast.

The larger marine life encountered in the area includes both green and hawksbill turtles, as well as yellowfin tuna, huge schools of barracuda, kingfish, red snappers and even marlin. Divers may encounter pods of humpback dolphins, as well as the majestic whale sharks and even humpbacked whales in season.

Standout dive sites include the wreck of an old coal steamer vessel just off the tip of Matemo Island. More than a hundred years old, the ships lies in water so clear that divers can still see the scattered pieces of coal from the wreck. The site is well known for sightings of gobies, Napoleon wrasse, kingfish and Spanish mackerel, as well as dolphins and turtles. Dive sites around the tiny island of Medjumbe include some exceptional drop-offs, some of them up to 400 m (1 310 feet) deep, the sheers walls lined with coral encrusted caves. The waters around &Beyond Vamizi Island offer the opportunity to dive with grey reef sharks, gigantic potato cod, elegant batfish, snapper and the streamlined barracuda. One of the island’s dive sites, Neptune’s Arm, has been named among the top dive destinations in the world and features spectacular drop-offs, canyons and pinnacles.


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