Sport of Polo in Ladakh, India

Watch a polo match in the foothills of the Himalaya

Ladakhi cultural experience

The essence of a Ladakhi cultural experience

Set off on a guided walk through a local village in Ladakh and prepare to find out more about the local system of farming, which focuses on the concept of sustainable living. With each family’s crops reliant on access to water, the main responsibility of the head of each village, known as a Goba, is to ensure that each of them receive an adequate water supply. The Goba is responsible for the network of channels that carries melted snow to each field. You will get the change to explore this network on foot, finding out more about this little-know people and their traditions along the way.

Even leisure activities tend towards the robust in this rugged environment and you will get the chance to experience Ladakhi polo, one of the older forms of the game, similar to Buzkashi in Afghanistan. Marvel at the energy and frenetic pace of the game, played on nimble mountain ponies. End your walk with the opportunity to take part in a game of local archery and hone your survival skills.

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