Guided walks and tracking adventures

Get closer to Africa’s wildlife on a variety of walking safaris at Phinda Private Game Reserve

A guided nature walk is a magical alternative to a Big Five game drive on Phinda Private Game Reserve.

This adventure makes full use of all your senses, allowing you a deeper connection with the African bush. Strap on your boots and feel the wild grasses crush beneath your boots as you follow your expert guide into the pristine, untamed landscapes of the region. Be mesmerised by the morning sunlight as it dances in dewdrops delicately sprinkled on flourishing vegetation. Smell nature in its purest form and be enchanted by the chorus of wildlife surrounding you.

Nothing quite encapsulates the feeling of viewing wildlife on foot.  Encounter a variety of plains game from a safe distance and be enchanted by the reserve’s smaller inhabitants. This activity is also fantastic for keen birders and photographic enthusiasts. Your guides have a wealth of experience under their belts and will not only introduce you to the region’s fantastic fauna but its kaleidoscopic array of flora too. For any safari addict, this is definitely a bucket list adventure that will keep you coming back for more!

Nature Walks

Looking at the often-overlooked aspects of the natural world, unravelling its marvellous intricacies and simple truths, a nature walk allows one to experience Africa on foot, free from the constraints of roads and vehicles. Watch birds, explore a dry river bed, walk in the footsteps of zebra or giraffe, sit in stillness in the shade of an ancient tree, unravel the stories behind animal tracks, or simply stretch the legs. As part of a game drive, or a few hours over the middle of the day, a nature walk is an opportunity to connect with the African bush and experience it on the same level as its animal inhabitants. The age restriction for this adventure is 12 years and above, with a maximum of eight guests on the walk.

Included in your rate

Big Game Viewing Walks

Experience the thrill of viewing animals on foot, as you engage all your senses to discover a world where each sound, scent and bent blade of grass has a meaning. Led by an expertly-trained ranger and tracker team, a Big Game Viewing Walk offers the chance to track and view certain Big Five animals on foot. Done in such a way that the animals never know that you are there, Big Game Viewing Walks ensure an undisturbed natural experience viewing these creatures in their natural habitat while ensuring safety, as they never feel threatened by your presence. An unparalleled way to experience Africa, a Big Game Viewing Walk is a uniquely &Beyond mix of the excitement of tracking big game and gaining an understanding of one’s place in the natural order. Walks are done by qualified and well-experienced guides, trained in tracking and viewing Big Five wildlife. The age restriction for this adventure is 16 years and above, with a maximum of six guests on the walk.

Included in your rate, but subject to the availability of a qualified guide

Specialist Walking Safaris

Enjoy the excitement of a Big Game Viewing Walks, the tranquillity of a Nature Walk, or any combination of the two, as your specialist ranger and tracker tailor your walking experience to suit your personal requirements and preferences. Whether it be to follow an animal for hours, unravelling the details of its daily life, or to spend the whole day exploring the wildest corners of the game reserve on foot, a Specialist Walking Safari offers the opportunity to experience Africa at its wildest and most personal. The age restriction for this adventure is 16 years and above, with a maximum of six guests on.

At additional cost and subject to availability of qualified guide and private vehicle

Black Rhino Tracking on Foot

Slip on some comfortable walking shoes, grab your binoculars and camera, and spend the morning on foot with an expert ranger and tracker team in search of the rare and highly endangered black rhinoceros, also known as the hook-lipped rhinoceros. A walk through the bush is a far more intimate experience as, without the distracting hum of the safari vehicle, you will hear, smell, feel and see with heightened awareness, igniting your entire consciousness. As you slowly walk along tracks trodden by untamed wildlife, you will be humbled and left in awe of this magnificent natural site. Experience Phinda Private Game Reserve on foot, in awe of its untouched nature and allure. Tread along the very paths black rhinos roam free on and witness their lives from a careful distance. It is the perfect setting in which to appreciate the natural environment. The slow pace of the walk and the interpretive skills of the armed guides open your eyes to a new and fascinating world. Learn how to follow rhino tracks, recognise rhino middens and scratching posts, and follow the signs of the bent trees and broken grass blades, searching for rhino in the company of wildlife professionals. The safety of our guests is paramount and only the most highly trained and qualified &Beyond guides host these walks.

At additional cost and subject to availability of qualified guide and private vehicle


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