Cango Caves

Explore mysterious and magnificent underground caves on the Garden Route

The essence of the Cango Caves

If you are after a thrilling experience, then take the plunge into an underground world, luring you to its depths. Brimming with unique rock formations, cellar-like chambers and low passageways creating a labyrinth, crouch, crawl, duck, snake and squash your way through these Caves. One of the world’s great wonders, kaleidoscopic colours reveals the magnificent limestone creations intricately sculpted by the natural hand of the earth.

Delving into the pit of one of Africa’s deepest caves, this once in a lifetime experience is not for the faint hearted. Guiding you are experienced and knowledgeable caving guides who will show you the underground wonders such as beautiful helictites, celestial crystals, aquamarine cave pools and grottos.

The Cango Cave Standard Tour includes just 1,2km (0.74mi.) of the entire 5,3km (3.29mi.) long cave where Cleopatra’s Needle, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Madonna and Child are on display. The Cango Caves Adventure Tour involves ascending 200 steps of Jacob’s ladder to the Grand Hall before passing through Lot’s Chamber, where natural rock formations mimic the biblical Lot and his wife, who were transformed into pillars of salt.

Riveting names of attractions along the route give a clue as to what lies ahead, such as Lumbago Alley, the Crystal Palace, King Solomon’s Mines and the Devil’s Chimney. Go into and through the Coffin, Ice-Cream Parlour, Devil’s Workshop and finally twist and turn yourself through the 27cm (10in) high Leopard Crawl, the only way out.

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