Rhino conservation safari

Help to save the African rhino

The essence of the experience

Live the life of a rhino conservationist over a three or four-day Kwandwe safari that allows travellers to participate in the much needed and thrilling rhino-darting and notching programme. Rhinos are darted so that microchips can be inserted and their ears notched for identification purposes, enabling experts to track and identify these magnificent horned animals. The humbling programme is essential and greatly aids in the preservation of an endangered species that is hunted mercilessly, illegally and without reservation.

Cherish this incredible opportunity to get involved with these greatly threatened animals and really get hands on with Africa’s giants. This incredible reserve is home to both black and white rhino and does everything possible to ensure the survival of them. The Rhino Conservation Safari has a dual purpose, guests can get up close and personal with them, and they can also connect with nature.

Monitoring and accounting for these rhinos regularly is critical, and essential to keep tabs on the population of the rhinos. With the use of identification notches or radio transmitters fitted to the ankle of the rhino, you are able to perform the procedures that attempt to keep them safe.  This is a fascinating experience and an immensely gratifying one as there can only be the hope that your rhino will be safe.

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