Have dinner at the Carnivore Restaurant

Enter into a meat eater’s paradise

The essence of  having dinner at the Carnivore Restaurant

The Carnivore is not just a restaurant – it is an experience. Travellers from the world over flock to this outstanding venue for what is hailed as the ultimate “Beast of a Feast”. Barbecue lovers will savour the unique tastes on offer, from traditional lamb, pork, beef and chicken to the more uncommon ostrich, crocodile and camel. The prime meat is ceremoniously roasted to perfection on Maasai swords hung over a huge charcoal pit and carvers then move from table to table delivering unlimited amounts onto cast iron plates. Add to this some delicious soup, fresh bread, mouth-watering side dishes, exotic sauces and a selection of irresistible desserts. Diners will not go hungry — this is a feast that does not stop until a white surrender flag at the centre of the table is raised!

Combining the atmosphere of a rustic rural setting and a medieval banquet hall, this is arguably the most famous nyama choma (barbecued meat) in Kenya. Besides the hearty fare, a must-try is the house cocktail, Dawa, meaning magic potion in Swahili. Based on a famous Brazilian drink, your magic potion is served to you by a medicine man, aptly named Dr Dawa. Enjoy!

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