Cultural tour of Mombasa

Explore a melting pot of language and culture

The essence of a cultural tour of Mombasa

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Mombasa on an interpretive guided tour of Kenya’s second largest town. With a recorded 2 000 year old history, the vibrancy of Mombasa is unveiled as you wander through bustling bazaars, visit quaint antique stores and navigate your way through alleyways that twist and turn through the exotic old Arab town. The beating heart of Mombasa is found here, embellished in Arab architecture and interlaced labyrinths, where the air is laden with the scent of spices.

Explore the impressive Lord Shiva Hindu Temple, a stunning symbol of beautiful architecture; topped with a magnificent gold spire it attracts great numbers of tourists. Another Hindu temple to visit is The Swaminarayan Temple with ornately painted doors and paintings from Hindu mythology; it is one of the oldest Hindu temples.

Marvel at the intricate woodwork of the artisans of Akamba. Carving is an extension of Kamba spirituality, and is a tradition executed by Mukamba men, who are the traditional heads of households. Kamba chip carving takes a variety of forms including African animals, bowls, bookends, wooden jewellery and ceremonial masks.

Lastly, explore the historic Fort Jesus, impressively situated at the water’s edge, this imposing fort stands watch over the harbour.
Designed by Italian Joao Batista Cairato this fort stands as a testament to a tumultuous past. The lofty gun turrets, battlements and underground passages of this 16th Century Fort were the apex of a historic struggle for control of the Kenya coast between the Portuguese army and the Shirazi Arabs. Fought around Mombasa, the war waged for hundreds of years and endless battles.

The richly diverse fusion of Indian, Arabic and African in Mombasa is incredibly exhilarating and this bustling, heaving, colourful commercial and cosmopolitan port town is a stimulating, fascinating experience. Contemporary Mombasa is an astonishing city where all at once, you are woven into its rich tapestry and become a part of its atmosphere.


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