Dhow Cruise in the Bazaruto Archipelago

Why visit the Bazaruto Archipelago?

The waters that lap the archipelago are filled to the brim with an array of reef fish, sea turtles and game fish. An assortment of endangered marine life have also been documented here such as whale sharks, manta rays, leatherback turtles, humpback whales and the very rare dugong.

Perfect for an island honeymoon, romantic getaway and the opportunity to reconnect with family members, the archipelago offers the quintessential beach holiday. Adventures include scuba diving at some of the best sites in the world, snorkelling, horse riding, various boat excursions, cultural interactions and deep-sea fishing.

Why Visit?

  • Situated in a protected marine conservation area
  • Home to Africa’s only population of the rare dugong
  • Exceptional diving opportunities
  • Catch-and-release deep sea fishing and fly-fishing for game fish
  • Golden sandy beaches on the coastline
  • Forests, wetlands and freshwater lakes in the interior


Summer (October – April)
Min 25°C/77°F to Max 35˚C/95°F

Winter (May – September)
Min 21°C/70°F to Max 28°C/82°F

Hot and sunny weather year round, with little or no rainfall through most of the year.

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