Why visit Gangtey?

One of the most beautiful destinations in Bhutan.

The Gangtey Valley, also called Probjikha Valley is one of the most beautiful destinations in Bhutan. It is the winter home to a group of globally endangered black necked cranes that arrive every year from the Tibetan Plateau.

Set close to the centre of Bhutan, Gangtey is in a remarkably attractive glacial valley called Phobjikha. The region boasts various nature trails as well as a Crane Information Centre to educate visitors.

Gangtey boasts its own important religious sites such as the Gangtey Goempa Monastery, situated at the head of the valley, from where you can take in exceptional views.

Why Visit?

  • Gangtey Monastery is perched on a small hill that rises from the valley floor. The Monastery is surrounded by a large village inhabited mainly by the families of the 140 Gomchens who take care of the Monastery.
  • Visit the Black Necked Crane Information Centre, situated on the edge of the forest and wetland along the main road of Phobjikha valley, the black-necked crane information Centre has an observation room equipped with high power telescope and spotting scopes for catching the best view of the cranes.


Summer (May – September)
Min 12°C/54°F Max 19°C/66°F

Winter (October – April)
Min 4°C/39°F Max 19°C/66°F

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