COVID-19 Terms & Conditions

Since the release of the original revised terms and conditions on COVID-19, &Beyond is committed to monitoring and amending our approach to travel, providing guests both flexibility and security.

These set of terms replace the previous release on COVID-19 and are applicable from 5 May 2020. They remain in place until such time as the World Health Organisation declares the pandemic over, or restrictions impacting outbound travel (in particular countries or advisories in place in &Beyond’s countries of operation) are lifted.

Once these conditions are removed, any booking still to travel or made under the auspices of these terms and conditions would be replaced by &Beyond‘s standard terms and conditions – Click here.

Our revised terms and conditions below apply to the camps and lodges in the &Beyond portfolio, in Africa and South America as well as &Beyond owned or managed services in Asia, Africa and South America. The terms and conditions of our partner properties and how they are applied remain at the partner’s sole discretion


In order to give our guests and partners increased comfort, &Beyond will offer the following revised terms and conditions on all &Beyond Camps and Lodges:

  • Extension of all 2020 rates into 2021 for all existing and new bookings for all of our 29 lodges and camps
  • Any booking made 61+ days prior to arrival may now be held for 30 days, with the option to extend for an additional 30 days. We reserve the right to revert to our standard provisional hold policy at our discretion.
  • if &Beyond receives a confirmed request for the dates/rooms being held we will require you to either confirm your booking with a deposit within 5 working days or to release those rooms to the waitlisted booking.
  • On cancellation of a confirmed Independent Traveller/s reservation &Beyond will apply the following cancellation policy:
Between Confirmation and 48 hours prior to arrival100% Refund of monies paid or credit to the value of monies paid for future travel for any property within &Beyond portfolio
Between 48 and arrivalCredit to the value of monies paid for future travel for any property within &Beyond portfolio
Cancellation during travel50% credit for any unused nights for future travel for any property within &Beyond portfolio

The above terms:

  • Exclude all Groups (15 or more guests) and series bookings unless otherwise negotiated and agreed. Our standard cancellation policy for group reservations apply.
  • Relate only to &Beyond owned and operated accommodation services. &Beyond will endeavor to work with our partner properties to secure the most flexible terms possible. However, all amendments, reductions, refunds and cancellation policies of partner properties will be determined at the sole and unfettered discretion of the partner properties utilized in any itinerary.

These revised cancellation terms only apply to COVID-19 related reasons for cancellation, these include:

  • The World Health Organisation has not revised the Pandemic status
  • The government in the guest’s country of residence restricts all but essential travel
  • Level 3 travel restrictions are imposed on the destination by the guest country of residence
  • The destinations the guest is travelling to are under official government sanctioned lock-down that prohibits guest from traveling.
  • If some but not all of the destinations are impacted the guest will be offered the option to re-route into other &Beyond destinations and camps, refunded or held as a credit according to the revised policy as in place relating to &Beyond and its preferred partners.
  • The destinations have no formal lock-down but have closed their border either to international travellers or to travellers from the guest’s country of residence.
  • International flights are cancelled with no alternative routing available for guest to use to reach the destinations in the itinerary.
  • The guest has contracted COVID-19 and under treatment or is in quarantine or under medical treatment up to the 48 hours prior of travel. &Beyond reserves the right to ask for any reasonable evidence, written statements and or documents to support the reasons for cancellation that are given.
  • Any reason for cancellation not listed above, &Beyond standard cancellation terms and conditions apply.

In order to accommodate this recognised Global Force Majeure event and the resulting varying worldwide travel restrictions, we have amended our standard terms to allow guests to postpone travel up to a year after the original travel date and carry forward 100% of the booking’s value* to the future booking. Should a guest elect to cancel the booking then our standard cancellation policy applies.

We are communicating with all affected guests and trade partners to advise them on government restrictions on travel.


Given the fluidity of global events, we recommend guests wait until the 15th AUGUST 2020 to make a decision to postpone or continue travel after 1 OCTOBER 2020. Should guests elect to cancel or postpone the booking prior to 15 AUGUST 2020 then &Beyond’s standard terms and conditions apply.

Should the same global conditions (varying worldwide travel restrictions) exist at 15 AUGUST 2020, then guests may consider postponing their bookings travelling between 1 OCTOBER 2020 to the 1 DECEMBER 2020 up to a year after the original travel date and carry forward 100% of the booking’s value* to the future booking.

*Booking Value

  • The booking value carried forward will be calculated as the full funds received on the booking, less any government mandated, regulatory imposed, or non-&Beyond owned or operated services, which have not matched our terms.
  • At the time of deferment, we will clearly communicate what costs are not recoverable and deducted from the credit that can be used on the future booking.
  • We continue to engage with our partners to align with the Covid-19 &Beyond Revised Terms and Conditions.
  • 2020 rates will be honoured for new travel dates in 2021
  • Should the future booking be for travel in a different season, or availability of services means that the costs of the logistics, activities, or accommodation has increased, the traveller will be liable for the difference in costs associated with the new trip.
  • Applied Special Offers may not be applicable on the new reservation.

Electing to cancel a booking based on the current level of uncertainty is understandable but our advice to guests is not to do so. Most travel operators across Africa, Asia and South America are electing to impose their normal terms and conditions in this event which may result in any deposits or monies paid being unrecoverable. At this time deferral remains the best outcome to ensure monies paid* are retained future use.

Should a booking defer now and then elect to cancel later &Beyond will assess the cancellation restrictions against the original dates and revised dates of all services owned or operated by &Beyond. The stricter of the two will apply. The cancellation terms and conditions of our partner properties and how they are applied remain at that partner’s sole discretion. Should you be unsure how this applies to your booking please speak with your travel specialist.


As flexible as &Beyond is being in relation to future travel, we highly recommend that guests take out comprehensive travel insurance; including “cancel for any reason” (where still available) to ensure any funds lost can be recovered.

  • Excluded, unless otherwise specified, are 3rd party partner properties and their services.
  • Terms are valid for FIT travel and exclude all pre-negotiated Group or Series travel.
  • Any variations from the above terms and conditions are at &Beyond’s discretion and &Beyond reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions without prior notice.

For any enquiries please contact the Travel Specialist who made your booking or mail &Beyond at