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You’re invited to $birthday’ WILDchild birthday

Let’s go wild and celebrate $birthday’ birthday with a WILDchild Safari Party, hosted by a real-life Ranger.

Please join us online on $event. In the meantime, we hope the recipes, books, movies and activities below will get you excited for the special day!

Be sure to watch the episode: Learn about tracks and signs – Episode 1 (see below) as we will be doing a special Making a Plaster Cast mission.

Learn more about the mission that awaits

Activities to enjoy while you wait for the official day to arrive

WILDchild: Recipes for the wild ones

WILDchild: Movies

WILDchild: Fun-filled Reads

WILDchild: Activities

WILDchild TV

Calling all rangers in the making

The heroes of any safari are without doubt our khaki-clad field guides with their seemingly magical abilities to find animals from smudges left in the dirt, or to navigate impossible obstacles with their powerful 4×4 vehicles. In this series, we’ll teach all you rangers-in-the-making everything you need to know on your mission to become a ranger.

How to participate?

  • You’ll connect with your guide through video-conferencing software called Zoom. We recommend you download Zoom onto your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, and test it before your booking.
  • You will need to have a stable internet connection – Zoom recommends a connection speed of 2mbps up/down.
  • For the best experience, please ensure that you test your Zoom meeting (see above) as the quality of the live video recording, which will be played back during your session, may be affected by your connectivity.
  • Come prepared… be sure to re-watch the latest episode of our WILDchild: Becoming a Ranger series
  • Bring your notepad, your questions and a big safari smile

Meet your guide

Graham Vercueil

Just for fun…

WILDchild TV | Yoga with Melissa Adey

Episode Six

Walk on the Wild Side – BBC

Alan!.. Alan!.. Steve!


Leopards Fight over Kill | Ngala Private Game Reserve

How Elephants Listen … With Their Feet

African elephants may have magnificent ears, but on the savanna, they communicate over vast distances by picking up underground low-frequency signals with their sensitive, fatty feet. Find out how this incredible communication system works. Runtime: 5 min.

Wild Dogs Sneeze to Hunt

African wild dogs, highly social pack hunters, need a consensus to start a hunt. The votes, of sorts, may be cast by sneezing. Runtime: 2 min.

Elephants 101

As the world’s largest land mammal, elephants have quite the commanding presence. But did you know elephants can’t jump? Or that baby elephants lose their first set of teeth and tusks, just like humans? Nat Geo WILD explores both Asian and African elephants and the threats facing these highly intelligent animals. Runtime: 5 min.

Understanding the Lives of Lions

What makes lions social? Are they really lazy—or just very patient? In this short video from National Geographic, Craig Packer, director of the Serengeti Lions Project — who has spent decades deciphering the riddles of one of nature’s most familiar creatures — shares his insights. Runtime: 4 min.

The Leopard is a Pouncer, Not a Chaser

This big cat, which ranges throughout the grasslands of southern Africa, will eat everything from carrion to fresh meat to insects. Watch how it hunts in this footage from Nat Geo Wild. Runtime: 2 min.

The First Days of Life | Lion Cubs

Lion cubs are hidden by their mothers for their first six weeks because lions will kill infants they don’t know. In this PBS video, watch a mother carefully introduce her cubs to their pride — their family. Runtime: 3 min.


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