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Toby Sinclair

Born and educated in England, Toby Sinclair has lived and worked in South Asia since 1977, gaining an extensive knowledge of travel in the region in the process. Beginning his career in Nepal, Toby soon moved to India, where he worked as a consultant on the establishment of a number of camps in the country’s national parks, also gaining valuable experience in the logistical aspects of travel.

For more than twenty years, Toby has been involved in the production of wildlife documentaries, as well as historical and cultural programmes, in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. During this time he has worked with film companies that include DisneyNature, BBC Discovery, Animal Planet and National Geographic.

Displaying a keen knowledge of photography, Toby has handled logistics on numerous photographic projects for the world’s premier publications and photographers. In addition, he has contributed his own images to a wide selection of magazines and books. Apart from photography, Toby has written and published An Introduction to India and has contributed a number of articles to various publications. He has travelled extensively as a guest lecturer and trip manager for the likes of the Massachusetts Audubon Society, the World Wildlife Fund and the Wildlife Conservation Society.



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