Ocean Spray Catamaran

A grand cruise redefining luxury sail across the Galapagos Islands

The spirit of Ocean Spray Catamaran

The new Mega-Catamaran Ocean Spray guarantees explorers a truly unique adventure around the Galapagos Islands on a floating masterpiece. The catamaran’s tours promise guests unrivalled itineraries that range from a 4 day introduction to the islands, to the signature fortnight extravaganza that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the islands and leaves travellers in awe of its majesty. Guides are well versed in the region’s geology and wildlife population, offering not only adventure in the tours, but an abundant wealth of knowledge. There are a host of water activities available that allow guests a closer look below the azure waters at the abundant aquatic wildlife.

Cabins incorporate elegant designs lined with rich wood paneling and minimalistic décor. Bedrooms offer lavish linens, en-suite bathrooms with modern finishes and private balconies on which to enjoy breathtaking views in isolation and reflection. The enormous sundeck of the catamaran boasts an impressive entertainment area with a plunge jacuzzi dominating the space. The galley presents variations of local cuisine made with the finest ingredients and produce from the islands, as well as international dishes with local flare. The catamaran’s ample space promises guests a comfortable and illuminating stay.

What we love about Ocean Spray Catamaran

  • Cruising the azure waters in a panga alongside breaching dolphins
  • The warm towels and fresh fruit juices after every water adventure
  • Cocktails enjoyed in the jacuzzi as the sun dips behind the island paradise and illuminates the landscape in a kaleidoscope of colours

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