The Napo Wildlife Center

A wildlife lodge settled within the boundaries of the mesmerising Yasuní National Park

The spirit of The Napo Wildlife Center

The Napo Wildlife Center is an eco-community settled on the banks of the Napo River and in the heart of one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. It borders the Yasuni National Park, home to over 600 bird species, a plethora of mystical creatures, and dense vegetation. Step aboard a baroque motorboat to embark on a two-hour journey full of wildlife sightings and breathtaking jungle views, before transferring to paddle canoes that wade through a black-water creek and finally land on the shores of Lake Añangu and the red cabins of Napo.
Uncover the wonders of the native library and unwind at the bar, before retreating to the spacious and airy cabanas with their king size beds, modern bathrooms, luxury sundries and private balconies overlooking the majestic Amazon rain forest. The in house restaurant delights the palate with cookery native to the Kichwa people, in addition to traditional Ecuadorian fare and international cuisine.

What we love about The Napo Wildlife Center

  •  A 20-foot high observation tower with incredible 360-degree views of the surrounding forest, lake and rustling wildlife.
  • The Interpretative Centre where local women arrange cultural activities. Guests are introduced to the local Kichwa culture and traditions such as hunting methods, use of medicinal plants, cooking and dancing.
  • The boat trek, one of the many tours offered, where experienced guides paddle close to the waters edge, increasing encounters with local wildlife that include jaguar sightings

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