Sarai At Toria

A wonderfully luxurious yet charmingly earth-friendly camp set on a beautiful riverside

The spirit of Sarai At Toria

Sarai (or Serai) is an ancient Persian term for an inn and Toria is a nearby village; hence the Sarai at Toria. The Sarai at Toria’s uniquely designed accommodation is situated on a beautiful riverside site, close to Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, India. It can be a destination in itself, as the surrounding area is full of wonderful history and natural beauty. This luxurious but earth-friendly small retreat comprises eight independent cottage rooms, each having attached bathrooms, verandas and private courtyards. Four of the cottages are especially suitable for families and have included tucked-away mezzanine bed spaces that are great for children. The spacious cottages, fabricated in mud, with thatched roofs, are designed by Eugene Pandala, an Indian architect known for his nature friendly designs.

Located amidst agricultural land in unspoilt countryside, the Sarai at Toria spreads over nine acres of undulating land. With the river on one side and a small forest patch at the back, there are many lovely corners for hideaway reading and relaxation and for private al fresco meals. Keeping environmental concerns in mind, they have used minimal concrete and steel and sourced most of the materials locally – mud, stone, wood, brick, lime, tile, bamboo and grass. They have combined traditional methods and modern architectural design to insulate the rooms from the extremes of the outside climate. The rustic mud exteriors hide elegant and contemporary interiors.

What we love about Sarai At Toria

  • Delight in lazy boat rides and gentle fishing on the pristine Ken River
  • Meander through the crop fields of the surrounding countryside, and enjoy birding on site,  or at nearby lush  forest and wetland areas
  • Lunch in the cool shade of a spreading Neem Tree or dine by candlelight under the stars

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