Jomandie Dempers

Travel Specialist

More about me

I am passionate about people, travel and photography

As the youngest member of a family of true conservationists, I had the privilege of growing up on a private game reserve near Windhoek, Namibia. Shortly after finishing my education I decided that travel was for me and spent some time touring the UK and Europe. After several years of travelling abroad I decided to apply for a position in the only organisation that could fulfil my love of travel and nature, &Beyond. Passionate about people, travel and photography, the travel industry has given me a great platform to combine all three of these things that I love. Sharing my beautiful Africa with people from other continents has become one of the most rewarding building blocks in my life journey.

Countries visited

I have travelled to Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Rwanda, India as well as Egypt, Ireland, Europe and the United States.

A few things I love travelling with

My Nikon camera, my old but trusty Landrover, a good book, a decent bag of biltong (South African beef jerky) and some good company.

Favourite destinations

Namibia, I’m a born and bred Namibian, I think I have dust in my veins as opposed to blood. I come alive when I breathe Namibian desert air, and my heartbeat changes to a different rhythm. I love the vastness that Namibia offers and, let’s be honest, it’s always nice to go home. Another favourite is &Beyond Mnemba Island – I’m a qualified diver and one of the best dives on my belt to date was at Mnemba Island in 2013 where I saw my first turtle. A highlight is falling in love with Zululand when I worked at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve. I still believe that Phinda offers the best game viewing in Africa and over the years have had the privilege to see extraordinary conservation in action.


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