Bronwyn Walker

Travel Specialist

More about me

I love the opportunity of meeting new people every day

My head guided me in many different directions since leaving school, BUT travel in Africa stole my heart, paving the pathway to where I find myself today. Some may call it fate, but I call it finding my place in the world. The most rewarding part of what I do is the opportunity of meeting new people every day, who are all very unique, yet united in their love of travel and particularly in our case, their love of wildlife as well.

Countries visited in Africa

I have travelled extensively in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania.

A few things I love travelling with

Someone I love, my camera, sunblock, lip balm and a relaxed spirit.

Favourite destinations

Namibia is what I would define as a perfect holiday destination with its vast open spaces, clarity of the sky at night and gorgeous hues of nature. It’s where you can breathe, unwind and recover from the mania that is everyday life for most people.

Another highlight is beautiful Mozambique, a spectacular destination with gorgeous blue-green ocean, soft white sand and largely untouched land.

For me the ultimate safari destination is Botswana, combining game-viewing by land and water. No matter the time of year you visit, it always has something extraordinary to offer.


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