Alison de Bruyn

Travel Specialist

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I am inspired each day by travel and the journeys I create

I often wonder what path I took in my career that got me to the very place I am today at &Beyond, where I can directly assist guests in tailor-making their perfect African safari. Creating lifelong memories, where the dust of Africa settles on their heart, is something I am very proud to be a part of. With over 20 years of tour operating experience, specialising in Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa and East Africa, I am inspired each and every day. I am eager to share my knowledge with guests, curate the perfect itinerary to match their unique requirements and enjoy the fulfilment when I get the match right.

Countries visited

Within Africa I have travelled in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique and East Africa.

A few things I love travelling with

Sun hat, sunglasses, zip-lock bags, lip balm and of course first and foremost – an open mind and an endless sense of adventure!

Favourite destinations

It is impossible to choose a favourite destination, when each and every one has something unique and special to offer. If I had to pick one that stands out, it would be without a doubt Namibia and, in particular, &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge. Never have I felt so insignificant, yet so alive, in a single moment, while appreciating the Namib Naukluft landscapes. It is truly a place that touches your soul and changes you forever. A very close second would be walking on Livingstone Island, perched 111 meters (364 feet) above the majestic Victoria Falls. This was only a few weeks after my father had passed away and this island revived my being and brought me back to life. And, not to be outdone, Botswana.

This will always be my personal ‘home of the safari’ as this is when I first experienced an authentic safari – the ‘&Beyond way’. Watching a baby elephant on the verge of drowning in the Chobe River and being rescued by its mother; seeing my first pack of wild dog and then using bush facilities within 10m (32ft) of a leopard (unbeknownst to me) are just a few memories Botswana has given me. Simply in a league of its own is East Africa. From the warmth of the Kenyan people and the beauty of the Masai Mara, to the wonders of the Serengeti, diversity of Lake Manyara and the epic Ngorongoro Crater, it is impossible to pick a highlight as the whole destination enriches ones soul and lifts their heart- it did mine.


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