Katie Gomer

Preferred Trade Partner
United States

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More about Katie

Africa has played an important role in my life for the past 14 years, and even when I tried to escape its pull, I found myself continuously drawn to the magic of safari. I started at Travel Beyond as a high school intern and continued working through college. I attempted a different career before realising my true calling was in planning African safaris and was quickly promoted to a travel consultant at Travel Beyond.

Today, I plan safaris in Southern Africa and East Africa for all types of travellers—from large multigenerational families looking to introduce kids and grandkids to African wildlife, to single travellers eager for adventure. My favorite trips to curate include a mixture of safari ecosystems, activities, cultural encounters and conservation-focused properties to give travellers a well-rounded look at each distinct region in Africa.

In addition to planning safaris for clients, I serve as the company’s product manager for Africa, ensuring our team of consultants has current knowledge of properties, services and activities across Africa. I also lead our consultant training program, preparing our support team with the skills and knowledge they need to plan life-changing safaris in the future.

My best safari memories include my first trip to Africa visiting the Okavango Delta with my parents and siblings, seeing cheetah for the first time in the wild plains of the Masai Mara and the intensity of gorilla trekking in Rwanda – a breathtaking experience.

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