Dona De Leenheer

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There is a saying …

“You can never shake the ancient dust of Africa off your boots”

Africa has become my second home. I crisscrossed the mighty continent more than 150 times. Africa has captured my heart and it awakens my senses every single time again.

I remember during a recent trip to the Serengeti, the laughing hyenas, the roaring lions and the distinct sound of the migration of the wildebeest around the tent at night. Enjoying the silence whilst gliding over the calm waters of the Okavango Delta in a mokoro, looking for the tiny reed frogs.

What a treat it is to admire the crater from a hot bathtub at &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge or gaze at the bright twinkling stars of the Namibian sky from your bed at &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge.
A long time ago, during the month of May, a wish came true. I washed my hair with the spray of the Victoria Falls. What an unforgettable feeling.

Still after all these years, the beautiful light and skies of Africa, the endless plains and vistas, the joyful people, the wildlife, the uncountable shades of blue from the air when flying over the Zanzibar or Bazaruto archipelago make me speechless.

One of my passions is photography…
I will never get enough of taking pictures of African wildlife and my favourite mammal, the mystic elephant. And then the wild dogs, I find these animals so intriguing.

Based on the knowledge and experience built up during my career and in consultation with the client, my aim is to create for each of them, a personalised program beyond their expectations and to share my passion! We can design your journey in French or in Dutch.

Africadona goes for perfection and beyond the ordinary!

Let Dona at Africadona plan your journey


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