Isac Nhamirre

Africa Foundation and Oceans Without Borders Project Manager

Isac was born and bred in Mozambique, on Bazaruto Island. It goes without saying that living on an island meant that after-school activities, entertainment and daily living was centred around the ocean. Crabbing and fishing were examples of such pastimes, and after completing his formative schooling years on the island, he took these skills to the mainland when he entered high school. Whilst his friends were playing soccer, Isaac was exploring the ocean and bringing home dinner.

After high school, Isac completed a scuba diving course. He loved the sport so much that he furthered his learnings to become a scuba diving instructor. He then started travelling around Mozambique, playing an integral role in the opening of many dive centres along the archipelago. In 2017, Isaac joined the &Beyond Benguerra Island Lodge team, as a dive instructor at the lodge’s PADI Dive Centre.

“What convinced me to come on board was the lodge’s involvement in the community and its ethos of wanting to leave the world – not just Benguerra – in a better place.”

In 2018, when Oceans Without Borders (a collaboration between &Beyond and Africa Foundation to conserve our marine habitats) was formed, Isac was invited to represent the foundation. He was chosen for the role because of his passion for his country’s rural communities. Coming from a small village, he understands the needs of his people and is now a part of finding the solutions in his role as Africa Foundation and Oceans Without Borders Project Manager.

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