Keiditsemang ‘KD’ Jeremiah Gabogolelwe

Regional Guide Trainer – Botswana

At a young age, Keiditsemang Jeremiah Gabogolelwe, fondly known as KD, was introduced to wildlife officers at his primary school in Maun. It was here where he was enthralled and instantly inspired to become a custodian for Botswana’s fauna and flora. Fast forward a few years, and today he is valued as an incredibly knowledgeable, well rounded guide, with a love of learning, research information and teaching, making his chosen career of guiding not a job, but a passion.

Huge congratulations to KD, an incredibly inspiriting individual who has just recently attained his Doctorate in Philosophy, Theology and Religious studies from the Co-workers University, Ghana. He is also on the verge of attaining his Masters of Philosophy (MPHIL) in Natural Resources Management from the University of Botswana.

As one of our most senior guides in Botswana, KD joined the &BEYOND Expeditions team in 2008 and then became a Regional Guide Trainer in March 2020. He consistently strives for excellence and always exceeds expectations. Often wearing numerous hats at any one time, he is adept at playing field guide, host, camp manager and butler, 24/7.

Being placed in this demanding role that requires expansive knowledge, unwavering patience, warm local hospitality, excellent driving skills, the strength of character and passion for the land, wildlife and people, is testament to KD’s dedication to guest experiences and passion for the wild.

With a fervent passion for enriching himself and growing, KD is not only a father, pastor, qualified teacher and professional field guide, but he also holds an advanced diploma in Human Resource Management and recently completed his B.Comm thesis on the impact/effect of employee morale on Botswana’s tourism industry.

Caring deeply for the community and armed with the drive and ambition to educate others, he has been the key driver for over ten years, of the Conservation Lessons that we provide to schools in the communities that neighbour our reserves. KD happily volunteers to select the schools, liaise with the principals, facilitate the lessons and develop the learning materials, all in his own spare time. When he has a moment, he is also an avid birder!


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