Erick Nyamohanga

Regional Guide Trainer – Tanzania

Erick was born and raised in the small town of Guitirio, just outside the world-famous Serengeti National Park and close to the shores of Lake Victoria. Ever since he was a young boy, he has been interacting with and admiring wildlife. His family owned crop farms very close to the Serengeti National Park and it was their ongoing challenge to protect their land and harvests from being destroyed by wild animals, namely baboons, bush pigs and a variety of birds.

Erick’s passion for wildlife conservation was largely initiated by a kind-hearted traveller that was passing through his community. They quickly became friends and this gentleman generously offered to fund Erick’s primary and secondary education. It was this man’s love of wildlife that led Erick to understand and appreciate just how lucky he was to be surrounded by the natural world.

In college, Erick furthered his studies in wildlife management training and then went on to work with a film crew for three years making documentaries. It was an incredible experience that he will never forget. Erick then joined &BEYOND’s Mwewe Ranger Training School to become a fully qualified guide.

Our ranger trainers had a unique way of training that helped Erick to be who he is today. Above all, he learned how to share with other people. Guiding gives him a great opportunity, not only to make a difference to wildlife conservation, but also to continually learn and shape his guiding career through interaction and research.

Erick is a keen bird photographer and he loves not only sharing his knowledge with other people, but also learning from their input and experiences as well.


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