The &Beyond Way

Leaving our staff in a better place

Through continuous growth and development, we take our staff on a journey (from the day they arrive) to grow them personally and professionally as well as inspire them to impact their world in ways that are meaningful to them.

Our value proposition is broken up into 3 pillars – &Beyond Footprints; &Beyond Academy and &Beyond Life.

&Beyond Footprints

This is an employee’s journey, growth and skills development plan and includes our Bateleur Award and Long Service recognition programmes, which celebrate achievements in sustaining, enacting and mentoring the &Beyond culture and longevity in tenure.

&Beyond Life

A programme that looks at the holistic wellness of our staff (&Beyonders). The intention of the programme is to provide knowledge, awareness and mindfulness to inspire &Beyonders to be the best version of themselves and to work on their legacy of leaving our world a better place.

&Beyond Academy

The last pillar of our value proposition, &Beyond Academy, is built on the foundation of our training philosophy, but has the vision of providing &Beyonders with the opportunity of receiving an accredited qualification as they work.

We believe &Beyonders are special

To share our view with the world, we have created an academy of excellence that turns our training and skills development into qualifications that allow our achievements ro prove that they are the best of the best.

Every day, 2,000 &Beyonders set off to leave our world a better place through the delivery of extraordinary experiences. There is no way that they are able to continuously deliver on their service excellence without the business looking after them too.

Life in the time of COVID-19

In March 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic hit and we literally moved from what we knew as ‘normal life’ to being in lockdown and back home with families, in varied urban and rural environments.

The wellness of our staff was pulled into an even stronger focus. We had to adapt, be flexible and agile in our thinking to ensure that we had ongoing communication with all &Beyonders across the globe. A weekly communication from &Beyond Life was sent through WhatsApp as well as by email to ensure our messages reached far and wide. In late 2020, we sent out those comms every other week. These communications were also translated into Spanish to reach our South American family.

As many of our staff are based in rural environments, the initial focus of our communications was on food security, with a vegetable gardening series followed by fruit planting, gut health and then water purification. Additionally, we broadcasted credible facts about COVID-19 as we understood the fear and uncertainty (as well as the false information) that lingered in the communities.

For the first six months of the &Beyond Life communication the ‘Give’ section focused on giving back to &Beyonders as they lived through lockdowns, uncertainty and negative financial impact. Virtual tours around the world were shared as well as virtual home projects and activities that could be done to keep some semblance of engagement and fun.

The month of May focused on mental health and wellness. Partnerships with psychologists, sociologists, meditation specialists and life coaches were introduced to enable &Beyonders and their families access to life lines at affordable prices.

Other themes covered were important issues like domestic violence, men’s health, saving and budgeting; HIV and Aids and racism. The start of 2021 looked at detoxing and goal setting as we soon realised that this COVID-19 sprint was now becoming a marathon. Renewal, giving back and paying it forward, and ongoing emotional and mental wellness will remain the focus as we move beyond 2021.

Renewal, giving back, paying it forward and wellbeing on all levels

&Beyond Careers

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Leaving our world a better place for years

Discover the impact legacy that your travel with &BEYOND is driving. Just as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have been a touchstone for our Vision 2020 group-operation sustainability audits, so they continue to guide and underpin our ambitiously scaled Vision 2030 goals.