WildChild lessons coming home

&Beyond has launched the fabulous new &Beyond TV and we are Loving it in my household! Not all things COVID related are gloomy…

Let’s play in the mud today

&Beyond TV has just been launched and my household was lucky enough to get to play in the mud this past weekend as a result. We guinea pigged the first lesson that Jarryd from Phinda Mountain Lodge launched on Zoom. Our Saturday morning coffee and eggs were really safari style this weekend!

My son Byrne is 5 years old and like his mom is crazy about everything wild and safari related. With much excitement we moved the laptop to our veranda during our morning meal and joined in with the class. Jarryd was just brilliant fielding loads of questions from all the kids on the class and taught us how to make a track mould using plaster of Paris.


Bizarrely enough I had a whole lot that I had recently discovered and so we were all set to head to the dam on our farm in search of tracks. And boy did we find them! It seems like a water bird, perhaps a Dabchick, a Water Mongoose and our very own Alsatian Cross had left generous tracks to use for the project.

We have just moved back here as it made best sense to so with the restrictions and various challenges, both social and financial that have arisen with our new world. It really has been such a privilege and a pleasure to have all this nature to play in- untouched and vast. Our back yard certainly is a blessing in these strange times. Here are a few pics to show off our day! I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


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