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Calling all rangers-in-the-making

The heroes of any safari are without doubt our khaki-clad field guides with their seemingly magical abilities to find animals from smudges left in the dirt, or to navigate impossible obstacles with their powerful 4×4 vehicles. They spout fascinating facts about every bird, insect or reptile they find, and are founts of unlimited knowledge on animal behaviour. Theirs is a trade all young minds secretly wish to master….and the good news is now they can.

In this series, we’ll teach all you rangers-in-the-making everything you need to know on your mission to become a ranger. Got your sunnies? Then let’s go….

Episode 1

Tracks and Signs

Jarryd du Preez, Head Ranger at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, introduces us to the ancient art of ‘reading’ the tracks and signs animals leave behind in the wild. Learn what to look out for when uncovering the secrets of the footprints in the sand.

Episode 2

Learn about trees: the Marula

The magic of trees is that, like people, each tree is unique. Josh van der Ploeg, &Beyond ranger in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, explains why elephants love the beautiful marula tree. Can you guess why? Watch this episode to see if you were right.

Episode 3

Survival skills: making a fire

Imagine you have to sleep outside in the bush where there are no lights, lots of wild animals and it’s very cold. You don’t have any matches, so you can’t just light a flame. What are you going to do? In this week’s episode, we will teach you how to make a fire using sticks.

Introducing our WILDchild guides

Jarryd du Preez

Phinda Private Game Reserve

Josh van der Ploeg

Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Nikki Muller

Ngala Private Game Reserve

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