The ultimate bucket list journey

10 reasons to take to the skies on an exclusive Private Jet Small Group Journey…

Sublimely luxurious, decadent and unashamedly over-the-top, our &Beyond Private Jet Small Group Journeys showcase the best &Beyond experiences that have been developed and perfected over 26 years. These once in a lifetime journeys are the ultimate in luxury experiential travel in Africa. Carefully-crafted and entirely exclusive, they explore the very best Africa has to offer, from its cosmopolitan cities and game-filled savannas to its white sandy beaches, winding waterways and thundering waterfalls. There is something for everyone and these enviable, life-changing and totally exclusive journeys should be at the top of any bucket list.

Here are 10 reasons why you should take to the skies with us and explore Africa by private jet.

1.  Witness extraordinary wildlife

Observe first-hand the unique and wondrous creatures that are on every wildlife enthusiast’s Africa bucket list. African wildlife never disappoints and this is a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with Africa’s Big Five, the Great Migration, hungry Nile crocodiles, endangered rhino, towering giraffes, grunting hippos, African wild dogs and so much more.

2. Explore Africa’s iconic bucket list destinations

Set foot on African soil and experience the continent’s hottest, most sought-after destinations. We’re talking about those extraordinary bucket list places that people spend their lives dreaming about. Get up close and personal with the Big Five in the iconic Kruger National Park and witness those famously dreamy and dramatic sunrises and sunsets over the vast Masai Mara plains. Peer over the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest intact caldera, which is home to an estimated 25 000 large mammals. Stand in the dewy mist of the mighty Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, then gaze up in awe at Cape Town’s Table Mountain, one of the new seven wonders of nature. Discover, dream, explore.

3. Experience signature moments you’ll never forget

Revel in this special opportunity to gain access to some of our &Beyond signature experiences. Mingle with the Maasai in Kenya and learn all about their time-honoured traditions. Share a most unforgettable breakfast with the world-famous giraffes of Giraffe Manor. Assist an expert conservation and veterinary team to notch an endangered rhino for research and monitoring purposes. These authentic experiences and cultural introductions give depth, understanding and appreciation for the extraordinary African continent.

4. Unwind in luxurious accommodation

After each day’s exhilarating adventure, retire to the sumptuous comfort and understated elegance of a luxury suite or tent at some of Africa’s most A-list properties. Sip on a refreshing gin and tonic overlooking your own stretch of private Zambezi River frontage. Savour a champagne breakfast with giraffes at the world-famous Giraffe Manor. Soak in a rose petal bubble bath in a quirky, but oh-so-elegant “Maasai meets Versailles” African castle of sorts. And that’s only just a taste of the many magical places you’ll stay…

5. Savour our signature brand of guest delight

As you traverse some of the continent’s most prized destinations, you can expect to be spoiled with &Beyond’s signature brand of unsurpassed guest delight throughout the journey. We are masters of surprise and love to spoil our guests with unexpected treats. Of course, seeing is believing … if we told you, it would ruin the surprise!

6. Share knowledge & forge friendships with Africa’s finest private guides

Creating the ultimate tailormade safari, &Beyond’s Private Jet Expeditions are hosted throughout by seasoned and personable &Beyond Private Guides with a wealth of experience, depth of knowledge and keen photographic skills. Veritable experts in their field, they will offer invaluable insight into the main attractions of each of the destinations, as well as provide fascinating insight about the continent’s unique wildlife and its vibrant people.

7. Travel in state-of-the-art luxury aircraft

Journey aboard the most exclusive and spacious transportation, where every comfort is catered for. The chic and comfortable Bombardier Challenger 350 private jet, ideally configured to accommodate small groups and families, will be used for all international routes. A private PC12 charter will be used for some of the internal routings and turboprop fixed-wing aircraft and private vehicle transfers will be used to connect with private bush landing strips.

8. Make a difference in conservation &  to community development

Play a role in &Beyond’s conservation and community initiatives and witness first-hand our core company ethos of Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife and Care of the People. Spend quality time in a Maasai manyatta, where your Kenyan hosts will reveal their traditional way of life and local customs. You will also have the rare opportunity to accompany the conservation and veterinary team as they dart and notch an endangered rhino, or meet the K-9 anti-poaching unit who will share personal insight into what it’s actually like to protect these precious animals, day and night.

9. Be the envy of all your friends as you travel in absolute exclusivity

The beauty of these &Beyond Private Jet Small Group Journeys is that they are as exclusive as they are luxurious and over-the-top, catering to only 12 like-minded, adventure-seeking guests. Be among the first to officially take to the skies with &Beyond on an unforgettable, once in a lifetime adventure.

10. Travel safely in our hands

From the moment you board your luxury private jet and touch down on the African continent to the moment you head back home with unforgettable memories, &Beyond remains at your side throughout the journey. Just think … no airport queues, seamless logistics, and VIP assistance to private terminals, customs and baggage claims. It’s the best way to travel!

So what are you waiting for…?! Be among the first to experience this exciting way to travel with &Beyond.



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