Let time stand still

Press the pause button on life and take a romantic escape to Chile…

Travel is the best teacher. A much-needed pause button in our lives, it reveals unthinkable landscapes and faraway worlds, it introduces us to different cultures, it broadens our horizons, it encourages us to be adventurous and it creates a deeper and more meaningful connection for the traveller, not only with our precious earth and its fragile beauty but also with each other. When was the last time you and your partner (friends, family … or even just you) disconnected to reconnect?

It’s time to block out some of your 2018 diary. Pick a destination. Press pause. Then go on an unforgettable journey that feeds your soul, educates your mind and fills your heart.

Our Romantic Escape in Chile is one such journey, boasting the perfect mix of idle relaxation, romantic solitude, luxury accommodation, active adventures and unexpected spoils.

Starting off in the sprawling, sun-drenched vineyards of the Colchagua and Cachapoal Valleys, you’ll drink, eat and explore your way through the scenic Winelands. Enjoy world-class wine tastings and food pairings with expert chefs and sommeliers, settle down for a romantic picnic amongst the vines, get out on horseback and take a trail ride into the Andes with an authentic Chilean huaso (cowboy), indulge in some vinotherapy at a wine spa and treat yourselves to some pampering (some say age-defying) organic treatments that incorporate the local wine and grapes … or choose to do nothing at all. Just be present and enjoy the soul-satisfying scenery.

Images © Viña Vik Millahue.

Next, pinch yourself, as you set foot on one of the world’s most remote and isolated islands. A land that time seemingly forgot, Easter Island is as remote and romantic as it is moody and mysterious.

Image © Explora Rapa Nui.

A five and a half hour flight from mainland Chile, this fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to more than 800 eerie moai (giant monolithic human figures) that were carved by the Rapa Nui and mysteriously strewn across the island more than 800 years ago. It’s as if the ancient carvers just up and left, without any trace or explanation, leaving their enormous and curious carvings for the world to marvel at for eternity.

Of course sightseeing and wandering in complete awe amongst these haunting figures remains the main highlight, however, there are plenty of other adventures on the agenda for those craving some energy and excitement.

Get the heart pumping with a brisk outdoor hike, hop on a bicycle, snorkel or scuba the crystal clear waters and immerse yourself in the culture. You can even take part in a traditional Rapa Nui wedding ceremony, not only learning first-hand about this intriguing island culture but also getting the rare opportunity to put on a traditional dress for an impromptu wedding photo shoot you’ll never forget.

Shrouded in mystery and blessed with rugged, natural beauty, Easter Island is a romantic, adventurous escape.

You’ll learn, you’ll explore and you’ll connect … with yourself, with the land, with ancient history, with curious cultures and with each other. Isn’t it worth pressing pause for a while?


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