Island eats

A moreish collection of mood-lifting recipes from the warm, tropical shores of Mnemba Island…

Eat well and travel often. Travel addicts and foodies alike now have a renewed appreciation for just how much this way of life was taken for granted, pre-2020. Back when we could indulge (often) in the unrestricted freedom and spontaneity of exploring far-fetched destinations and eating our way—unashamedly—through flavours delightfully foreign to our palates.

This, too, shall pass and when the world finally opens up, our wallets and waistlines best be ready for the hedonistic adventures and indulgences that will ensue. But in the meantime, as we await that utopian herd immunity and the lifting of global travel restrictions—as well as a full return to dining freely and comfortably in our favourite restaurants—armchair travel and recipe testing definitely lift the spirits.

In dire need of vitamin sea

Topping the wanderlist for many travel-deprived souls will be a restful island escape, where time stands still, relaxation is guilt-free and the freshest fruit, spices and seafood are in abundance. Don’t forget that many tropical destinations are now accessible, so if your country is allowing travel, then you don’t have to put those island vibes on hold.

Beach & island destinations that are open for travel

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Absolutely nothing beats the real thing, but if your island adventure remains on hold (for now), these mood-lifting recipes from the warm, tropical shores of &Beyond Mnemba Island are sure to get you into an irie state of mind. Channel those sunny island vibes at home. Hit the supermarket for some fresh ingredients, stream some African beats and recreate these island flavours in your own kitchen.

Bon appétit … or furahia chakula as they say in Swahili.

Sundowner o’clock

You’ll need to start with a sundowner (or two) to really get into the island swing of things. Here are three variations of the perfect beach cocktail: the citrusy and moreish Aperol spritz.

Frozen Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Negroni

For something a bit more traditional, watch Mnemba Island butler, Tumaini Sobu, make a delicious East African dawa. It is, quite literally, just what the doctor ordered. Dawa is the Swahili word for medicine and this refreshing local mix of vodka, lime and Maasai honey is said to cure you of your ailments.

Whet your appetite

First, tuck into some warm, crispy and plump tempura-fried prawns served with pickled carrot ribbons and a flavourful basil and sesame herb mayonnaise.

Tempura prawns

Spoiled for choice

I speak from experience here, both of these main dishes are scrape-the-plate delicious.
You may as well try both (in the name of research, of course).

Zanzibar Coconut Curry

Saffron & crab linguini

Something sweet

As versatile as it is delicious, this tangy island-style passion fruit curd is perfect for breakfast, dessert or anything in between.

Spread it on toast or scones, dollop it onto fruit and yoghurt, pour it over ice cream, scoop it into tarts, sandwich it between cake layers … you name it.

Passion fruit curd

Still hungry?

There are plenty more recipes where these came from.

Browse these delicious, tried-and-tested (and unanimously approved) recipes from our chefs on three different continents.


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