Great Migration: an Unforgettable Experience

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Mike and Robin have just returned from a 6 nights safari adventure at &Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas

The images Mike captured were awe inspiring and stir up a desperate desire to go back to the Serengeti.

To go and be part of the majesty that is the Great Migration and the Serengeti. There is an energy in the air that is tangible. You can feel the massive herds desperate need and desire to get across to the Masai Mara. The calls of the wildebeest head reverberating in your ears. The warmth of the African sun and the sights and smells of the bush envelop you in a way that is hard to describe until you have experienced it.


We had a great time and the animals were exceptional. Thank you for all of your efforts to make our trip so memorable.

I have created a slide show of a few of the over 3,000 pictures I took while there. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did taking them.

Everything on the safari was perfect. Not a single complaint!! We renewed old friendships and made new ones. What a great group of people at camp. James, our butler and long-time friend, made our stay like being at a 5-star resort and Wilson, our guide/ranger made every game drive an unforgettable experience. What a trip!!!

Thanks again.

Mike & Robin”



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