Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate

The perfect Cape Winelands Experience

Grande Provence is a wonderful and elegant wine estate steeped in years of tradition and history

The wine tasting experience is exactly that – an experience.

Each wine has wonderful variation and different textures. With each sip one feels that there could not possibly be another wine as beautiful as this. Then another one is poured.

You can taste the love and passion that goes into the making of each and every barrel.

In addition to this the people assisting you with the tasting are totally absorbed by their passion for their wines as well as the property and you feel an extreme need to share in that passion. They all speak of the wines as a fond aunt would of their nephew or niece.

You can indulge in the wine tasting either in the bar or outside in a more relaxed setting in a courtyard, where inevitably you end up selecting your favourite wine of choice and enjoying the moment – as well as the wine.

To have a dinner at Grande Provence is a must. The food is delicate, intricate and a true piece of art. Each morsel of food is placed perfectly on one’s plate and seasoned to perfection. Combinations that you never thought would work suddenly come to life in your mouth in a gastronomic explosion. Each of the courses can be paired with one of their immaculate wines which accentuate both the food as well as the wine. You are treated to immaculate service with just the right amount of communication so that they know your every whim.

My entire meal was more enjoyable than mere words can describe but the cured salmon was by far my ultimate. The combinations of the beetroot crystals with the melt in your mouth salmon was a perfect combination. Every single course was designed and presented with finesse. The only problem was that the food was so beautiful you didn’t want to destroy it. But once you took that first bite – there was no regret.

To end off a wonderful evening we took a leisurely stroll back through the vineyards by the light of the moon, arriving back at our room – The Angel suite at the Owners Cottage – to find the glow of a warm fire which welcomed us. In the golden embrace of the fire we enjoyed a glass of sherry to end of the evening and a peaceful night’s sleep filled with happy memories of the day.


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