Everything starts with a dream

Put your 2021 travel dreams into action by creating your own personalised Dream Board…

Walt Disney said it best, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” We all spent the majority of 2020 setting our dreams aside. We tiptoed around the forbidden fruit of travel; we talked about it, thought about it (a lot) and were forced to leave it on the backburner.

As we (finally) put this four-letter year behind us, it’s time to press pause and start actually visualising, documenting and bringing to life all those exciting travel dreams we harboured in 2020.

Channel your inner travel addict

The distance between dreams and reality is called action and you’re just 5 easy (and fun) steps away from creating your ideal Travel Dream Board. The only way to realise your 2021 travel goals is to start dreaming and planning every last detail with your chosen travel buddies.

We look forward to wishing you ‘bon voyage’ on your dream journey with us.

Start building your Dream Board

Step 1: start dreaming

Click here to commence your journey.

Step 2: where & why are you travelling?

You are now in dream mode and the world is your oyster.

First, select which part of the planet you wish to explore: Africa, Asia or South America.

Next, clarify what kind of traveller you are (you can select more than one).

Perhaps it’s the wildlife, adrenaline and non-stop adventure that keep you going, or perhaps you seek a slower pace, with cultural interactions and a sense of wellness.

There’s an unforgettable adventure to suit every traveller.

Step 3: delve deeper into the destination

Now tick off those grand bucket list experiences you have your heart set on.

This will curate a selection of tailored experiences below, which you can then add to your Dream Board.

To do so, all you need to do is create an account by clicking the login button at the top right. Once logged in, you can add to your Dream Board by clicking on the dream cloud icon. You can also clear previous choices to further hone in on specific interests.

Based on your selections, you will also be given a curation of places to stay that can be added to your Dream Board, as well as a collection of related travel inspiration from our Bateleur Magazine, Fireside Chats podcast library, tailormade tours, unique experiences and &Beyond TV channel.

Step 4: your Dream Board awaits

Once you have added and fine-tuned all of your specific interests and inspiration, click on ‘go to my Dream Board’ to visualise your grand adventure. Here, you can continue dreaming and refining until you have captured your ultimate dream journey.

Step 5: share & start dreaming together

Share your Dream Board via the sharing buttons. Invite your quaranteam to dream alongside you and help turn your shared travel dreams into an unforgettable and long-awaited reality in 2021.

We look forward to taking you on your dream journey soon.


What’s your ultimate dream journey?


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