The year that became a
 4-letter word

As we approach the end of a tough year, here’s some four-letter wisdom for your future travels…

‘Zoom’, ‘diet’, ‘debt’ and a few other four-letter unmentionables — not to mention ‘pivot’ and ‘new normal’ (cringe) — are this year’s most relatable curse words. In fact, 2020 itself has also become a four-‘letter’ word; we’re tired of hearing about it and we’re all ready to see the tail end of it.

Let’s shift our focus to some more encouraging four-letter words to take us into life’s next chapter. WAIT for the right moment to travel; PLAN every exciting detail with your quaranteam; PACK your bags; WASH your hands, MASK up and TEST negative; and HOPE for a brighter, healthier, more tolerant and sustainable future.

Here is some four-letter wisdom to help inspire your future travels.


It’s where most of us would rather be right now. This year has felt like a rather warranted and long overdue scolding from Mother Nature, as she indirectly confiscated one of our favourite toys: the gift of travel. As this forbidden fruit is slowly returned to us in stages, now is the time to talk to your loved ones and get yourselves back into a travel state of mind.


Planning is half the fun! With many of the 2020 travel hurdles gradually starting to lift, it’s time to turn those travel dreams into a long-awaited reality. While personal comfort levels and risk aversion differ from person to person, there are still ways to travel safely, comfortably and memorably during this time of global uncertainty.

Some factors to consider…


First of all, check which travel-ready destinations have officially given the green light…

Solo or Team

Decide on your quaranteam, then further refine your budget and desired level of privacy…


… from holiday. If we’ve mastered anything this year, it’s the art of working remotely…


One option is to slow down for a deeper, more meaningful connection with one destination…


Here’s just a taste of how you can press life’s reset button by staying longer with no set schedule…


Or, opt to explore multiple destinations safely with private transport and accommodation…

Home (away-from-home)

There are countless luxury escapes and romantic hideaways that put the SOUL in SOLE-use, where quaranteams can relax in their own space and avoid unwanted contact with other travellers. Think a dedicated TEAM (including personal CHEF) to cater to your every whim, rim-flow swimming POOL, spacious suites with a VIEW, BEDS that will have you looking forward to bedtime and, most of all, the luxury of TIME.


Most travel-deprived souls just want to escape the confines of their homes and get back to nature. To breathe fresh air, explore vast landscapes and re-appreciate the soul-restoring beauty of the natural world.

A bucket list safari ticks all the four-letter boxes, and more. We’re talking: dusty boots on African SOIL; the open and uncrowded DIRT ROAD; stopping to watch the sun at DUSK and DAWN; the famous Big FIVE; elusive big CATS; forever peering through the LENS of your camera and binoculars; that tattered BIRD book; a surprise picnic under a TREE; an afternoon siesta by the POOL; and romantic STAR-lit evenings.


The perfect way to conclude an action-packed adventure in the great outdoors is with a few unapologetically LAZY days on a WARM, tropical and sun-drenched beach. A beach paradise where there’s no dress code, shoes are non-existent and the most difficult decision of the day is where to have your sundowner cocktail.


One of the joys, and certainties, of travel is the FOOD (and WINE). Of course, like any prepared traveller, you will have obediently left the D-I-E-T at home where it belongs so that you can indulge guilt-free in the flavours of a destination. CHEF TIPS: calories don’t count on holiday; always go back for seconds; and it’s always five o’clock somewhere.


The importance of SELF-CARE was heightened this year and many travel decisions will focus on wellness and maintaining a sense of CALM in an uncertain world. BOND with your family or partner (and yourself), LIVE in the moment, relax with some YOGA or meditation, READ a book, SWIM in the sunshine and get plenty of indulgent REST. After all, that’s what holidays are for.


Ensure that you properly research the COVID-19 health and safety protocols of the airline you’ll be travelling with, as well as the properties you’ll be exploring.


As we regain our travel confidence, let us continue to help pay it forward to the wildlife and local communities that were hardest hit by the pandemic.


And lastly, let’s all ensure that we learn a lesson from this four-letter year and commit to being kind to ourselves, each other and indeed our threatened planet.


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