Beata Jeromin; &Beyond Regional Hospitality & Safari Shop Manager

Beata Jeromin, has tirelessly delighted and entertained our guests with her unmistakable…

Beata Jeromin, &Beyond’s Regional Hospitality and Safari Shop Manager in Tanzania, is our talented, creative, highly energetic and undoubtedly deserving Guest Delight Champion. She has tirelessly delighted and entertained our guests with her unmistakable charm, non-stop energy and creative genius for an impressive 17 years and she has no plans to stop any time soon.

In 1997, while Beata was at college studying hotel management, she had the opportunity to do a four-month work placement at &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge. She returned to college to complete her final year, however, she knew the safari bug had bitten. She had fallen in love with the bush and the lodge.

Upon graduating, Beata approached Ngorongoro Crater Lodge for employment, but there were unfortunately no positions available. Determined to secure her dream job and not willing to accept defeat, Beata offered to volunteer at the lodge for four months.

The management team noted her hard work and fierce determination and Beata was eventually offered a housekeeping position. For the next few years, she continued to prove herself and went through a series of promotions, from Housekeeping, to Head Housekeeper, to Head Receptionist, to Front of House Manager, to Safari Shop Manager, to Camp Manager, to Relief Manager, to Assistant General Manager, to her newfound role of Regional Hospitality and Safari Shop Manager for Tanzania.

It has been quite a journey and Beata never once gave up on her personal goals and career growth. Of course there were many challenges along the way that have made Beata stronger, but if there’s one thing Beata also knows well, it’s how to have fun!

Whether she’s travelling to our Tanzanian lodges to present her entertaining and insightful hospitality training course, singing and dancing with children at the lodges, or coming up with new and exciting ways to surprise our guests, Beata always does it with a great big, beautiful and contagious smile on her face.

Beata considers herself very blessed and says she would not take a million dollars for what she has. Well Beata, you are one in a million. Thank you for being you. You are an endless source of creativity for many and you are an inspiration to those around you that aspire to grow their careers with &Beyond. Thank you for your hard work, loyalty, positive outlook and crazy fun energy. We love you and we can all learn from you.


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