25 funniest wildlife photographs

Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humour and these 25 funny wildlife photos are proof…

Let’s face it, Mother Nature, in all her beauty and splendour, has a wicked sense of humour. Our extraordinary planet is home to the most curious of creatures, from bug-eyed bushbabies, dancing lemurs and long-necked giraffe-like antelopes, to scaly pangolins, duck-billed platypus, unicorn-like whales and seals with elephant trunks.

Ever wondered why dogs chase their tails? Why skunks emit such a pungent spray? Why flamingos eat upside-down? And do elephants really bereave their deceased? Do male penguins really scour the beaches looking for the perfect pebble to present to a female? What a weird and wonderful world we live in.

The often amusing antics of the animal kingdom certainly make us laugh. So, as we celebrate #25YearsandBeyond, we encourage you to have a laugh at the 25 funniest wildlife photos taken by our rangers and guests. May they put a smile on your face.

1. “C’mon, give us a kiss!” © Matt Yardley

2. “Even lion cubs are into photo-bombing these days.” © Paul Rubio

3. “When life (literally) bites you in the behind.” © Andrew Schoeman

4. “Must have been a good joke.” © Jason Glanville

5. “May I have this dance?” © Daryl Dell

6. “I’ve got your back.” © Jen Robertson

7. “Talk to the hand (foot).” © Harshvardhan Singh

8. “If Monday had a face.” © Timur Turker

9. Hang in there, the weekend’s coming.” © Tim Kiok

10. “When life turns you upside down, just adjust your view.” © Bruce Hedges

11. “You talkin’ to me?” © Scott Yammin

12. “Just lion around the airport lounge waiting for our flight.” © James Massek

13. “First one to blink loses.” © Alan Murray

14. “Brushing up on some bush skills.” © Simon Naylor

15. “Cat got your tail?” © Daryl Dell

16. “Let’s flip a coin. Heads, it’s mine. Tails, it’s mine.” © Matt Poole

17. “Strut your stuff on the cat walk.” © Matt Yardley

18. “But first, let me take a #selfie.” © Steve Walker

19. “Ugh mum, really?!” © Daryl Dell

20. “Be the master of your domain.” © Tim Kiok

21. When the paparazzi catches you unaware.” © Daryl Dell

22. “Tail-gate party.” © Daryl Dell

23. “Monday. Time to hit the ground running.” © James Massek

24. Landrover recovery.” © Glee Walker

25. “The cheekiest, chubbiest ‘Butterball’ of a cub.” © Jen Robertson


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