Island destinations

Our favourite island honeymoon destinations

Deciding on the ultimate luxury honeymoon destination? Who can resist remote, tropical islands boasting sun-kissed beaches, powdery soft sand, azure waters and palm trees, and that’s just during the day. As the evening gently descends and the sky transforms into a diamond studded canvas, think island romance, gentle waves lapping on the shore and romantic beach dinners-for-two.


Zanzibar, Mozambique, Seychelles, Mauritius


Maldives, Sri Lanka

South America

Galápagos Islands, Easter Island



The most romantic destination for honeymoon couples, Zanzibar, known as the fragrant Spice Island, is an exotic fusion of spectacular natural beauty and engaging history. Enjoy exclusivity and seclusion on a private island and swim with dolphins, cruise in a traditional dhow at sunset, walk hand-in-hand on white sand and, if you’re lucky, watch turtle hatchlings brave it to sea.


For the more adventurous, Mozambique promises an unforgettable honeymoon experience. Tropical islands covered by soft, white sand beaches are strung like pearls in the archipelago and entice with gently swaying coconut palm trees and turquoise waters.  Isolated and secluded, enjoy experiences such as castaway beach picnics, romantic sundowner cruises, world-class diving, beach swing, riding horses into the ocean to name but a few…


Another exquisite honeymoon destination, the Seychelles is perfect for nature lovers that seek to explore unique landscapes. Exceptionally beautiful and brimming with white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, colourful coral reefs, exotic vegetation and lush forests, experience this paradise on a quiet private island. Amidst the romance, embrace the adventure, Creole cuisine, natural wonders, and the joy of just being together.


Dazzling in beauty, Mauritius is a slightly larger island ideal for those who enjoy exploring markets and the vibrant nightlife. It is a tropical paradise alive with white sands, vibrant coral reefs, clear water, lush forests, balmy weather and romance. This sizzling volcanic island is a spectacular honeymoon destination ideal for pampering, adventure, privacy, gourmet cuisine, couple massages, dips under waterfalls and Champagne breakfasts. 

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The ultimate in luxury, the Maldives is an island paradise and the ideal spot for a honeymoon. Exuding romance, this haven of privacy is a spectacular water wonderland of crystal clear waters, flourishing coral reefs and powder white beaches. Spend time together in your accommodation on the water, sipping cocktails, lounging in a hammock and exploring vivid coral reefs when snorkelling and scuba diving.

Sri Lanka

The tear drop shaped island of Sri Lanka lies in the Indian Ocean just off the southern tip of India. With its golden sandy beaches, azure blue waters and warm tropical climate, Sri Lanka is a year-round destination for honeymooners seeking sun, sand and sea.

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South America

Galápagos Islands

The most prominent of Ecuador’s attractions is the pristine chain of volcanic islands that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Galápagos. Situated 972 km’s (604 mi.) west of the mainland, the Galápagos Islands are a mecca for nature enthusiasts. Honeymoon couples can either stay a land based lodge or cruise the archipelago on a luxury yacht to explore Darwin’s living laboratory.

Easter Island

Home to a community of just 5,000 inhabitants, Easter Island or Rapa Nui, as it is known to locals, is a Chilean territory in Polynesia. The island is exotic, exclusive, and far from the mainland. It has one national park, the Parque Nacional Rapa Nui, featuring the quarry of Rano Raraku where the moai were carved; the volcanic crater of the Rano Kau and the Ahu Tongariki, where 15 moai rest. There is so much for honeymooners to do here from scuba diving and snorkelling to cycling and horse riding.

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