Kayaking & fishing

Explore scenic waterways or do a spot of fishing in the Northern Amazon

The essence of kayaking & fishing

Enjoy a tranquil journey down a myriad of beautiful creeks, flowing tributaries, and pristine lagoons in a kayak. Captivated by your dramatic backdrop, paddle smoothly and silently into the labyrinth of the magnificent Amazon Jungle. Your kayak has been uniquely designed with durability and stability for fishing trips in mind and, in the serene waters of the Pacaya Samiria, you can languidly row downstream. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try fishing for piranhas.The thrill of just seeing a vibrant red-bellied piranha in the black waters of the Pacaya River is sure to enthrall.

For a stunning overview of the jungle and its deep waters, bask in golden rays aboard a kayak and pursue the fierce fishes of the Peruvian Amazon, encounter the impressive peacock bass, enormous awe-inspiring Amazon catfish, and other exotic sporting species. If you are keen for a dip there is a magical natural swimming pool, nestled in the Amazon’s warm, welcoming waters.

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