Scenic flight

Soar above the Nazca Lines in Peru

The essence of a Scenic flight

Some 300 ancient geoglyphs, etched into the dry landscapes of Nazca, date between 400 and 650 AD, and depict various figures including a hummingbird, monkey, hands and an astronaut. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, described as “the most outstanding group of geoglyphs anywhere in the world”, the Nazca Lines cover a staggering 1 000 square kilometres.

No one really knows why the geoglyphs were made – some believe they are related to astronomy or that they were a way for the tribe to connect with their gods in the sky. The best way to view and appreciate the sheer scale of the Nazca Lines are from above on a scenic flight.

There are various flight options to see these extraordinary geoglyphs.  A thrilling flight can reveal the most famous Nazca Lines, including the hummingbird, dog, hands, astronaut, tree, spider, whale, lizard, shark and more. You can also opt to see the majestic construction of the Cahuachi pyramids, ancient buildings shaped as pyramids made of mud; Cahuachi was the capitol of ancient Nazcans, featuring pyramidal temples and constructions.

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