Cusco culinary tour

Create a delectable three-course menu with a local chef

The essence of a Cusco culinary tour

Start your day with a morning tour of Cusco’s famous San Pedro Market. The sights, sounds and aromas of this bustling market will get all your senses tingling. Feast your eyes on row upon row of fresh fruit and vegetables; breathe in the mingling aroma of food and spices; shut your eyes and listen to the market’s hum and buzz. In addition to the fresh fruit and meat produce, you will also find a wide range of grains, cheese, spices, dried fruit, chocolate and medicinal herbs. The local specialities of maca root and quinoa are readily available. If you are looking for souvenirs, you will find hundreds here including some good quality alpaca and llama woollen products. For those with esoteric interests, ceremonial scented wood sticks and San Pedro cactus powder are also available.

Pick and choose a range of ingredients at the market before you leave the market. Back at the hotel, roll up your sleeves and don an apron as you cook up a feast. Create a delectable three-course menu with a local chef and as you go along, discover what goes into Peruvian gastronomy. Sip on sweet rainbow cocktails prepared by the bartender.


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