Jungle trekking

Set off in search of Amazonian wildlife

The essence of Jungle trekking

Your experience of the Amazon is not merely confined to the seat of your canoe. At various places along the river you will have the opportunity to disembark and truly be at one with the environment. Hopping onto stream banks and roaming into the jungle is sure to be an exhilarating experience. Discover unique types of forests and the secret life of trees, how overhanging branches, dead leaves and marshy riverbanks all interweave to the tapestry of the natural system.

Reach into the heavens and explore the amazon from atop the forest canopy. A profusion of plant life, flora and vegetation thrives and blossoms. Enveloped in this green fortress thrives a wildlife that is sure to fascinate and delight.

Try to spot Pilchicocha’s resident spectacled caimans, part of the alligator family, from your canoe. Be alert to the slippery boas, vine snakes and even the giant anaconda that have been seen sliding across the trails.

Traipsing through the lush bountiful jungle, the creatures that you see will be from your wildest imagination. Swooping from the heavens exquisite birds keep watch from above and flashy parrots, toucans, hummingbirds, and hawks constantly chatter in conversation about the on goings on the forest floor.

On the ground, the jungle is teeming with reptiles and mammals, and the river brims with amphibians. Experienced guides will ensure you see as much as possible, not least the monkeys of which there are eight species, and the over 60 types of mammals spying at you from behind lush fronds. Always keep your eyes open, maybe you’ll spot an anteater, a 3-toed sloth, or even an ocelot as you explore their natural habitat.


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