Community visit in Chile’s Lake District

Discover the ancient Mapuche culture

The essence of a community visit

Explore the charming town of Curarrehue, nestled between towering mountains, and visit a Mapuche weaver to view her traditional skills and techniques as she works with the loom. Afterwards, continue up into the Andes to the Quillelhue Lagoon, located at the foot of Lanin Volcano. Here you will have the opportunity to see the majestic araucaria trees (known as monkey puzzle trees), followed by a lunch at a traditional Mapuche ruka (house). The Mapuche people consider Villarica Volcano or Ruka Pillán as the “House of the Spirit of the Ancestors”. Deeply connected with “mother earth” these enchanting people base their traditions around nature. During your visit to the “ruka” you will learn about their unique ways of life first hand.

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