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Jet off to the Iguazu Falls

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The Iguazu Falls separates Argentina and Brazil along a basalt fault and is widely acknowledged as the world’s most breathtaking complex of waterfalls. Iguazu Falls boasts a network of over 250 individual waterfalls that carry the Iguazú River over the falls at the astounding rate of 1.5 million litres (400 000 gallons) per second. Experience the Falls from a unique perspective as you jet across the Iguazu River with the thunder of the falling water entwined with the roar of the jet engine and pulsing through your veins. The tour is led by trained and experienced bilingual guides with a great knowledge of the area, its surrounds and the river’s rapids.

Begin the thrilling adventure with a brief trek through the jungle to the edge of the Iguazu River, inhabited by multi-coloured, exotic fauna and flora that are dotted throughout the lush landscape. Discover the rich lands, highlighted by flitting butterflies and stunning orchids. Board an impressive jet boat that will travel 6 km (4 miles) down the Iguazu River and through the different tiers of the Falls, all promising exceptional views of the beautiful scenery.

Next, head out to the base of the Falls at an adventurous speed, with delicate wisps of vapour kissing your cheeks. Take in the magnificent scenery at the Tre Mosqueteros Fall, with clear views of both Argentina and Brazil in the background, crested by Devil’s Throat, the Falls highest peak. Accelerate over torrents and cascades as you edge towards the heart of the deafening Falls.  During the final leg of the jet boat voyage, shoot the rapids of the Iguazu River Canyon, passing close to waterfalls like the Three Musketeers and San Martin Falls. The climax of the excursion propels travellers through the depths of the waterfall, immersing the body and spirit in a gust of mist that transports travellers to a mystical plane.


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