Night safari in Ibera

Spot wildlife under star-studded skies in the Ibera Wetlands

The essence of the Night safari

The Iberá Natural Reserve is one of the largest freshwater reservoirs on the South American continent, ideally located in the province of Corrientes. It is the largest protected area in Argentina, with 1.3 million (3.2 million acres) hectares of pristine wilderness. Also referred to as Esteros del Iberá, the Iberá Wetlands stays true to its name with a spectacular combination of streams, marshes, lagoons and swamps that cover approximately 14% of the Corrientes Province. The wetlands are home to a staggering 4 000 plant and animal species, which make up 30% of Argentina’s biodiversity. For decades, the region was under threat due to commercial hunting and illegal animal trading, however, in 1983, the wetlands were officially protected by the Natural Provincial reserve as part of the Ramsar Convention and by various non-profit organisations.

Night safaris in the wetlands of Iberá can be enjoyed in a 4×4 vehicle or on foot. The experience offers fantastic insight into the magical attractions of the pristine wetlands. Travel along established pathways, in the company of expert guides, to encounter wonderfully diverse nocturnal wildlife. Revel in spotting the shimmering eyes of a gray fox, the silhouetted form of a dainty brocket deer, the inquisitive scuttle of the enchanting vizcachas (chinchilla) and the wily bandit-like, crab-eating racoon.

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