Work with cowboys

Spend a day on a ranch in Cordoba

The essence of working with cowboys

Estancias are working farms and ranches within and around Argentina’s lush and fertile mountain range area. The estancias lie in the historically diverse and significant province of Córdoba, widely known as the heart and geographical center of Argentina, and ideally located in the foothills of the Sierra Chicas. Travelers to Córdoba’s culturally driven estancias have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in authentic rural living. Here, you can interact with local families living on traditional ranches, and ride alongside gauchos (cowboys) on horseback to tend to the rich land and pastoral livestock.

Daily chores begin at the crack of dawn, as the sun shyly peaks from the horizon, ascending to its golden throne with a harmonic crescendo hummed by alluring birds of the region. Feel the cool air caress your bare face as you race across the open land atop a mighty steed to herd balky cattle. Discover the thrilling experience of rounding up stray livestock, circling around their rigid forms and directing them back to the safety and comfort of the herd. The hair-raising sight of native gauchos natural horsemanship and impressive skills testament to the deep-rooted culture of rural living in Argentina.

Witness the land rise up in sandy clouds, veiling cattle as they stampede into open corrals, ready to be counted and nervously awaiting vaccination spurs. During the dryer months, head out to the open plains and deposit mineral lick, infused with salt and another mineral nutrients that maintain body fluid balances, transmit nerve impulses and, improve the general health of livestock.

As the day draws to a close, gently lead your stead to the comforts of the barn. Pick a bouquet of flowers from the gardens, before heading off to choose fresh dairy and produce that the estancia chefs will use to create a sumptuous meal.


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