Horse riding in Cordoba

Ride alongside cowboys in pristine landscapes

The essence of horse riding

Race across the open plains of Córdoba’s lush lands and experience a day in the life of an authentic gauchos. These adept cowboys have roamed the fertile lands of Argentina for centuries, expertly tending to expansive farmlands and skilfully herding its firm livestock. Estancia Los Potreros boasts many international accolades and has been hailed as a first class riding ranch. Mount strapping criollos steeds and ride gaucho style with relaxed, sloping shoulders and loose reins. The ancestry of criollos horses trace back to Spanish Andalusia and exhibit traits of strength, hardiness, and is widely considered to be the best endurance horse breed in South America.

Travellers are paired with intuitive horses that easily adapt and fit each rider’s personality and sensory movements, ensuring a thrilling adventure atop a serene wonder. Novices will receive key advice from gauchos’ and will actively be assisted along the routes. Settle on a beautiful trail ride and experience the breathtaking landscape and terrain from a unique perspective that both humbles and enthrals, as you advance on your tailor made excursion. Edge over bountiful hills and rocky outcrops, through deep hidden valleys, wooden paths and along thundering foam waterfalls that lead into deep swimming holes. Cool off in the azure waters and reflect on the natural beauty and simple yet rewarding way of life. Ascend to spectacular viewpoints that overlook neighbouring estancias and witness the workings of the rural living, encompassing rustic homesteads, provincial schools and agrarian churches.

Test your mettle in the spine tingling ‘Destrezas de gaucho’ or famed gaucho games, where traditionally gauchos’ would compete to demonstrate their proficient skill and parade the latest stock of robust criollos steeds. Keeping in line with this tradition compete against native gauchos for some barrel racing and sortija races, where riders hook a ring from a T-bar with a stick. This adrenalin inducing sport occurs amid local fiestas teeming with local, sumptuous and spicy fare that are sure satisfy every palate.


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