Argentinian Culinary Experience

Savour the flavours of authentic Argentinian cuisine in Buenos Aires

The essence of the Argentinian Culinary Experience

Revel in the indulgence and gratification of a truly authentic Argentinian Culinary Experience. This highly innovative dining excursion blends a host of enviable accents. Discover exquisite cookery, featuring international and local flavours, decadently paired with globally recognised wines, vibrant local culture, and the art of socialising. The desirable dinner takes place around massive dining tables and introduces an assortment of travellers from every corner of the globe. A charming host sits at the head of every table, detailing the quintessential Argentinian experience step by step.

The idea behind the dinner is to introduce travellers to the best of a unique and diverse Argentina showcasing local culture and cuisine. Relish the opportunity to immerse yourself in a globalised setting, actively learning about the rich history of Argentina, whilst sampling and cooking up empanadas and alfajores, before delighting in a great steak, accompanied by superb Malbec wines. End the evening with musings about the social etiquette involved in drinking Argentina’s national tea, mate.

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