Water activities in the Seychelles

Discover a marine wonderland in the Seychelles

The essence of water activities

The Seychelles is synonymous with warm seas. Crystal clear, azure and warm, the Indian Ocean laps pristine beaches and offers fantastic water sport opportunities.

Dive beneath the waves on a scuba excursion and discover kaleidoscopic reefs and marine life. Kayaking along the water’s edge gives you the chance to discover the exquisite bounty of turtles, rays, fish and numerous other sea creatures. Spend some time splashing in the waves whilst windsurfing, where a mellow breeze is all you need to get going. Choose to try water-skiing, surfing or stand up paddle boarding or have fun in a pedalo, with the glimmering, glass-like surface of the Indian Ocean providing a clear window into the pure waters, where you can spot colourful marine species. Set off on a tranquil catamaran cruise and, if exploring isn’t your thing, savour the hushed quiet on the comfortable deck, absorbing the golden rays of the sun.

Mahé boasts idyllic bays and coves for a spot of snorkelling. Discover the shallow lagoons of Baie Lazare or Anse Royale or the steep reef drop-offs near the shore at Anse Soleil and Anse Major. The barrier reefs lie a little further out to sea and rugged rocky underwater seascapes composed of granite rocks stretch all along the coastline.


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