Fishing on the Quirimbas Islands

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The waters off &Beyond Vamizi Island, in the Quirimbas Archipelago are renowned for exceptional fishing opportunities, from deep sea fishing excursions to thrilling catch-and-release fly fishing expeditions. More than 50 of the species commonly targeted by sports fishermen can be found in the waters surrounding the islands and most of these are present in large numbers year round. Thanks to the destination’s remoteness, fisherman can be assured of an exclusive experience, with virtually no other boats to be seen.

Breath-taking drop-offs and deep underwater pinnacles close to &Beyond Vamizi Island are inhabited by enormous populations of blue water game fish such as sailfish, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, wahoo, dorado, giant trevally and Bluefin kingfish.

Medjumbe Island and &Beyond Vamizi Island boast excellent facilities for fishermen, whether novice or experienced. Large and comfortable fishing boats offer shady areas for protection from the African sun and are equipped with the latest electronic fish-finders. Experienced fishing guides provide a wealth of advice and the boats are stocked with the best tackle, lures and bait to ensure a successful catch. Most of the operators in the area are environmentally conscious and while shore-based fishing can produce some exceptional catches, including larger pelagic and reef species, this is generally only done on a catch-and-release basis.  Fishing disciplines practiced at &Beyond Vamizi Island include trolling, jigging, live bait, popping, drop shot and bottom fishing. Fly fishing is shore-based and strictly catch-and-release.

A deep sea fisherman’s mecca, the famous St Lazarus Bank lies approximately eight to ten hours off the Quirimbas Archipelago, and it is possible to arrange exclusive safaris to this renowned fishing destination. Keen anglers would travel to the area aboard a luxury yacht and could expect both brilliant big game and salt water fly-fishing opportunities in this enormous atoll, bordered by open waters that drop off to depths of 2 400 metres (7 875 fe


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